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Do you want to get rid of that annoying throat tickle?

Respicolís unique herbal formula provides symptomatic relief for allergy, sinus and cold sufferers, quickly alleviating discomfort from that bothersome, scratchy throat and easing nasal congestion.

Respicolís gentle, pleasant taste is great for adults and children, making it one herbal tonic that you want to keep in your home medicine cabinet at all times. It works within minutes to calm respiratory distress; soothe a scratchy throat; comfort dry, irritated nasal and throat passageways; and balance and tone the digestive tract.* Sip slowly and allow the calming benefits to affect the entire system.

Respicolís therapeutic blend of traditional herbs offers support to the bodyís natural healing mechanisms by targeting eliminations, stimulating circulation and enhancing digestive functions. Help your body regain strength and restore balance, especially when seasonal challenges strike!

Edgar Cayce's Readings on Respicol:

Edgar Cayce describes this formula as relieving "those disturbing forces through the bronchi and larynx, and making better conditions through the eliminations." (Edgar Cayce reading)

"will not only aid digestion but stimulate the circulation for the upper portion of the head and through the bronchial area, thus giving a better flow of circulation for the throat and the gums..." (Edgar Cayce reading)

Respicol's Herbal Ingredients and Traditional Uses*:


HorehoundSoothes irritated mucous tissues especially in the throat.

Wild Cherry Bark

Wild Cherry Bark Alleviates distress especially of the nose and throat by relieving swelling of mucous membranes.



Mild stimulant to liver and gall bladder.

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger

Tones the digestive tract and the lymphatics associated with the intestinal tract.

Customer Testimonials

"I love these products. I have had excellent success with them, especially Respicol..." Ė M.A., Baton Rouge, LA

"Respicol is a wonderful product! I have Reactive Airway Disease (similar to Asthma) and this is what gives me relief... especially in the middle of the night." - H.M., Harrisburg, PA

"I love Respicol!" - B.O., Blissfield, MI

"My husband has a job talking a lot at night, sometimes he has to talk for hours on a phone call. This stuff saves his throat." - L.B.E., Colorado Springs, CO

"I wanted you to know that I think Respicol is a great product. Recently, I had a cold with coughing that had lasted a while...I bought a bottle, followed the directions, and immediately my coughing eased. My throat was so much more comfortable. I now have a bottle in reserve, just in case. Thanks for making Respicol available!" - T.W.

"Respicol works very well and has helped with my Bronchitis." - G.P., CO

"Respicol is the greatest remedy! With [my son's] condition of Cystic Fibrosis ... It's truly magnificent stuff! Some nights when [he] can't get a decent nights sleep due to excessive, non-stop coughing, all it takes is one teaspoon of Respicol. Within five minutes he is no longer coughing & sleeping soundly through the night. Thank you for all that you do!" - K.H. MS


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